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Feb 2013

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on March 16, 2013 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (2)

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ!

What an eventful month for us here in Siem Reap, Cambodia. First we had Joe Hickey and his group come to enocurage the work here and in the villages with aid and teachings on how to farm and grow crops. Joe and another elder name Paul also taught on the qualifications of being an elder in the church. Not only did these men teach us how to help us physically but topped it off by teaching things necessary for our spiritual growth. We love their example and care that they continuously show us year after year by their support and sacrifice. Then we had our brothers from Bear Valley, Wes and Mike, who spent an entire 2 weeks away from their families and home to impart wisdom from the word of God for the staff and students of IBISR. What a tremendous job they did in providing for much needed nourishments for us! This year has been such a blessing so far and I cant thank God enough for how he does these things for me personally as well as for the local church. As a result of all the activities since the start of the new school year back in Sept, to Justin and Trent coming in January and then Joe and his group in February and finally Wes and Mike leaving in the beginning of March, we had a total of 5 new souls converted to Christ! Notice that i didnt say 5 baptisms, but 5 converted to Christ, meaning these individuals didnt just get baptized for the sake of baptism but they truly spent time in the word and observed us as a local church for a period of time before believing that what we say and do is in accordance to God's word! These conversions are a product of what we do as a church and credit belongs to what we teach at IBISR, verse by verse, the word of God. You may think 5 conversions? That's it? For all the time and money that was sent in support and all you report back is 5 conversions? In India and other parts of the world there are hundreds of baptisms in one month! And I would respond Amen to that and glory to God for the increase. I would also remind you all of what Jesus spoke on the value of ONE soul found in Matt 16:26. Giving the increase is God's business, our business is sowing and watering the seed and that we are doing! We ask that you continue to pray for the work here and for it's continual success in winning souls for Christ! We will do the same for you in your part of the world!

Our new sister in Christ, Socheat

Welcome your new brother in Christ, Samnang

Rain, our newest brother in Christ!

Please continue to pray for our new brothers and sisters in Christ in their daily walk with Christ!


January 2013

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on January 28, 2013 at 7:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the new year brings you closer to God each day. I am excited to share about the work of Christ in this part of the world. The year couldnt have started better for me. My two best friends from Southwest School of Bible Studies, Justin Guess and Trent Kennedy, sacrificed their time away from family and loved ones as well as money to come and enourage us with their knowledge of the Bible. The students, staff, and myself benefited greatly from the both of them. They each taught 3 hrs per day (6hrs total) for two weeks on the subjects of Inspiration of the Bible, The Minister and his Family, Personal Evangelism, and 1 and 2 Timothy. What great examples they are for the local church here as well as the students of IBISR. We also got to visit some of the newer works that started recently and encourage our brothers there. They also brought goodies for the children of Hannah's Hope. The two weeks that they've spent with me and my family here have been such great memories for a missionary like myself to draw on in my times of struggles. I appreciate them and you all so much for your prayers and support. We are expecting more visitors from abroad for the month of February and March. I look forward to seeing our brother Joe Hickey and his team that he's bringing along in early February as well as Mike Hite and Wes Autrey at the end of Feb til the beginning of March. The year cant start any better for us here! Glory to God!

Trent preaching on Sunday and Chann translating

Justin teaching 1 and 2 Timothy

My daughter Katesana taking notes along with the students of IBISR, Had to share this!


Trent, Myself, Katesana, and Justin saying goodbye


December 2012

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on December 22, 2012 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Holiday Greetings to all of you who are stateside! I pray that you have a wonderful and safe holiday going into the next year serving God! For this month, I want to share with you something that I think is very important that's happening in Cambodia. On December 14th, we had a birthday outing for 4 of our children at Hannah's Hope at one of my friend's restaurant. The birthday gathering isnt the important thing but it's how the birthday party came about. No doubt we have many supporters for the children at our home and they are very well taken cared of. The staff does a tremendous job in raising them as well as caring for them. All of our staff are Christians and members of the Siem Reap church of Christ. Our brethren from overseas help out tremendously with the financial support to keep the orphanage running. We thank God for brethren like you who understands James 1:27. We thank God for those who supports the preaching school in Siem Reap as well. The thing that I want to point out about what happened on the 14th is this. The money that was given to us for the children DIDNT come from overseas! It was a local khmer person who donated it. My mother in law recently came into some money by selling a portion of her land and i jokingly told my wife, why dont you ask mom to donate 100 dollars to the children at HH. So she did and my mother in law, without hesitating, gave the money to us and we used it for the party. Now keep in mind that my mother in law is not a Christian yet. We're still praying for her. I asked my wife, has mom ever done anything like this before, where she would just give money to total strangers without anything beneficial in return? She shook her head no. She said that she's been around us so much and see how we do things that it rubbed off on her. Now i understand that 100 dollars to you in America is nothing, especially if you're a Christian who regularly give alms without anyone knowing. But for a local khmer person is a big deal. That's a month's wage for majority of the people here. To see this happen right in front of my eyes brings joy to me and ultimately glory to God! We are influencing the world to see what Chrisitianity is all about little by little. We pray that we continue to not only teach what Jesus taught, but show her by our lives what Jesus taught! We pray that we can reach her spiritually and that one day she will decide to give up on her ancestor's tradition and follow after Christ! We ask that you keep her in your prayers as well! Happy Holidays!

My mother in law is the one with the hair bow and purple pattern shirt.

Week 3 and 4 of Nov

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on December 2, 2012 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy Holidays to all my friends and family back home in the USA. Hope you had a safe gathering and shared many wonderful memories with your loved ones. As for me and the work here, we are continually making wonderful memories for our Lord. We've gone through many ups and downs as a spiritual family but we still keep on pressing on. We pray that it is like that with you all in the states as well. The school is doing well. We are finishing up our 1 quarter for our first year students. We now have a total of 10 students enrolled for the 2014 class. We ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. We've also added a new staff member, Piseth, one of our 2010 graduates came to me and asked if he could teach at the school. I was so proud at his decision knowing that he isnt receiving a salary for it but still insist on being on the staff. It takes a lot of courage, love, and humility to be able to step up and make such a decision. As director, i have to be very careful who I bring on as staff. Piseth and Darat have those rare leadership quality that is outlined in the Bible. Humility, Courage, Love, Sacrifice, willingness to learn, and trustworthiness describes these two and I am so proud to be able to work side by side with them. IBISR continues to get better and better as we progress into the years ahead. We are still learning from our mistakes and still trying to make it as profitable for souls in Cambodia as much as we can. Please continue to support the work here. Trust in God to provide. Trust in His Word to transform indviduals to becoming proper stewards and trust in the brotherhood to carry out His mission across the globe!


From week 3 and 4 of Oct to week 1 and 2 of Nov!

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on November 12, 2012 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings loved ones!

The past month has been tremendous! God continues to enlarge our borders in more ways than one and I am so thankful I am a part of it. I want to talk first about the "Water of Life Raft" that our graduates, Hokly and Pheap, are serving in. The raft is now fully complete and ready to operate. In fact, we had to tow it to its designated area in Kampong Kleang, which is about an hour drive from Siem Reap for its Grand Opening. It was a huge success in that the health department, the head of the communes, and the villagers came to see what it was that we were offering. They gladly welcomed us and supports what we want to do. Below are some pictures of the event. 

Towing the raft (It took 4 hrs to get it to Kampong Kleang)

Where we will be situated

Hokly and th SOL crew getting the ballons ready for the Grand Opening

Bill cutting the ribbon and making it official

We pray that our boys will use this opportunity to spread the gospel and give them Living Water that only Jesus can provide. We look forward to the good works that these two graduates will do in Kampong Kleang.

Another way that God has enlarged our borders here is by providing me with a new son! His name is Sovanda. He was born on Nov 5th. I am so happy to have a son and to be able to have the opportunity to train him and mold him with God's word so that one day he can become a servant of God as well. Some fathers want their sons to be professional athletes, some want their sons to be doctors, or lawyers, or engineers and they rear them up to have the best chance at achieving those goals. My focus and my priority for my son is for him to be a professional servant of God. I want him to be a spiritual doctor, one who knows God's laws, and one who will help build God's kingdom.  I want him to know who God is and what God wants for him. I will rear him, as well as my daughter, to be such individuals. I will do whatever it takes to give them the best chance at achieving those goals. Please pray for my wife and I as we work together to accomplish this task.

Sovanda and Phanat

And last but not least, God has enlarged his border in Siem Reap by adding a new soul to His kingdom. My brother in law, Sopheak, (Iya's brother) have finally decided to put on Christ in baptism. I am so happy and proud of him. I pray that he will be a faithful servant of God and be a good example to those around him.

Sopheak dying to self and arising a new creature!

Week 1 and 2 of October

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on October 12, 2012 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)


What a privilege to be a part of God's family on this earth! What a joy it is for me to share with all of you about God's work in Cambodia. It truly is a blessing for me to be in my position. I thank God and you all for making it possible. The previous month, the local church have decided and helped Sam get started in Bos Kralahn village. He has finished the pig pen and we got him started with 2 pigs as a test run. We are excited to see how this will turn out. We know the delicacy of the matter in that we dont want to stress the physical over the spiritual, especially in a poor country like Cambodia. If we are not careful, we will emphasize the wrong priority. At the same time, we dont want them to be dependent upon foreign aids all of their lives either. There has to be a balance and we will make sure that happens. We want to teach them to rely and depend upon one, and that is God! Amen.

Sam and the finished pig pen!

Sam's first two pigs!

The finished bathroom

We also have joined forces with Partners in Progress on another project in the Tonle Sap area. Bill Mcdonough, Director of Partners in Progress, have serviced the Tonle Sap villages for years, providing medical care to poor villagers who cant afford treatments and also safe water for drinking and cooking via the Ship of Life. They were servicing the physical needs, as Jesus did, but were lacking in the evangelism aspect of their mission. That's when we got together and plan to help these people where they need help the most, their spiritual state of sickness. While PIP will continue to provide free medical services, we will follow up and  preach and teach the gospel. Of course, we know that most of the people will give their attention to us only because they want the free physical benefits (just like John 6 with Jesus) but we also know that some will hear the good news and follow after Christ genuinely . We ask that you pray for our new endeaver and that many souls will be added to the church because of it. Bill raised money and had a sizeable two story raft (7meters by 11 meters) built for the purpose of putting a water filter/purifier system on deck that will pump up the Tonle Sap's water and purify it to make it safe to use for poor people at no cost to them. The water filter system will be on the lower deck and the upstairs deck will be used to teach and preach and evangelize. Two of our graduates (Sopheap and Hokly) will be in charge of the whole raft and operations. They will not only be giving the poor safe water to drink and cook with, but they will be giving them LIVING WATER that they may not thirst anymore (John 4). Below are some pictures for you to see:

Training on how to operate and manage the water purifying system

The purifying system that will kill the bacteria in the water so that it can be safe to drink

The bottom deck of the raft with the water filter/purifier system

The upstairs deck where the men can teach bible class and other various activities

The raft is completely powered with solar energy

Sopheap showing where he and Hokly will sleep as they live on the raft

Hokly proud of his new desk where he will prepare sermons and bible class material

Week 3 and 4 of September

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on September 30, 2012 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear brethren,

What an honor it is for me to report to fellow workers in Christ who supports this work! I appreciate you all very much and am very thankful for your prayers. Five years ago, on the 25th day of this month, I left America to come and serve God in this part of the world. What a blessing it has been! I look forward to continuing to serve God here until He tells me it's time to go elsewhere. I will continue to solicit your prayers and support. The church in Siem Reap have grown to the point that we are able to partially support our local preacher and send men to evangelize in the surrounding areas. She has also been helping with Hannah's Hope and now is undertaking a major project in helping support one of our graduates settle in a new village to raise pigs and eventually evangelizing that village. To see the initiatives that she's taking on is such a wonderful and pleasing sight. I cant wait to see how much she grows in the next 5 years. I ask that you continue to pray for the work here. Below are some pictures of some of our members helping getting our brother situated in his new mission field. Please keep Sam in your prayers. 

Bos Kralahn Village where Sam will work and live

The church put in a new well for brother Sam

The church helping to build a bathroom for our brother

Getting the pig pen set up

Week 1 and 2 of September!

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on September 17, 2012 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Jumreapsooh brothers and sisters in Christ!

What a pleasure it is to be able to share of the work of Christ in this part of the world to all of you. I pray that we can be an encouagement to you as you are an encouragement to us. We have officially started our 2012-2014 school year and the staff and I are very excited for the new class. We have a total of 9 students enrolled. There have been some changes in this year's program that I think will benefit the overall work in general. We are introducing a "Work Study Program" for our students at IBISR. This program is designed to aid the students physically while at the same time teaching them responsibility and accountibility. This program will help them to be hard workers and will hopefully train them not to be dependent upon foreign aid, principles found in 2 Thess 3:10 and 3 John. They will be equipped with God's word primarily but also be equipped with vocational training so that they can help support themselves as Paul once did. We ask that you keep this work in your prayers and we look forward to updating you all with the progress of the Lord's work in Cambodia! Please continue to come by and visit. Peace and love to all of you.

Darat going over IBISR's rules and regulation at Orientation

Class of 2012-2014

Week 3 and 4 of August

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on August 30, 2012 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Greetings from the church in Siem Reap!

I am very happy to write some of my thoughts in here and to be able to know that there are people who cares about this work as much as I do. I appreciate all of you who come by every now and again to see how we are doing here in Siem Reap. After graduation, we normally take a month off for students to go home and for the staff to rest for a bit. Our 2012-2014 school year will commence on Sept 3rd. We have 9 new students confirmed as of right now but we expect a few more late comers. We are excited about the upcoming school year and new minds to mold by the word of God. Yesterday, I called a leadership meeting to discuss the present and future work of Siem Reap. We had a fruitful 2 hr meeting to revisit our goals and plans to be the example church of the third world country. We are taking small steps to becoming autonomous and I am so glad to be a part of this movement. We want to be the church that's found in the bible, doing bible things by bible ways, and autonomy is one of those things! I am glad to see that we have a core who believes in this and are willing to sacrifice to see it happen. We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers as we strive to be the church that's found in the New Testament! Please come by next month to see our new students and check out our new school's curriculum to your left! See you next time. Below is our teaching schedule for the 1st quarter, you can find the rest at the "school" button to your left.


Sept 3rd- Oct 12th

8:00-8:45 How to Study the Bible- Phanat

9:00-9:45 Genesis- Darat

10:00-10:20 Chapel

10:30-11:15 Matthew- Phanat

11:30-12:45 LUNCH

1:00-1:45 Rosetta Stone English Course- Chann

2:00-5:00 Vocational Training/Volunteer/Work/School


Oct 15th- Nov 23rd

8:00-8:45 How We Got the Bible- Phanat

9:00-9:45 Exodus-Darat

10:00-10: 20 Chapel

10:30-11:15 Mark-Darat

11:30-12:45 LUNCH

1:00-1:45 Rosetta Stone English Course- Chann

2:00-5:00 Vocational Training/Volunteer/Work/School


Week 1 and 2 of August

Posted by siemreapchurchofchrist on August 19, 2012 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Dear Brethren,

I am excited to inform you of our recent events happening in Siem Reap. We had our 2nd IBISR's Graduation for the class of 2010-2012 with our stateside coordinator Wes Autrey as our guest speaker for the event. It was a successful graduation and the students enjoyed the charged that they've received from brother Wes. We appreciate all the support from our brethren overseas in helping us to become autonomous. We thank God for your love and generousity and faith in us. Of the 8 graduates, 5 of our men  will go out and serve God in their respective areas. Pheap and Hokly will work in the Tonle Sap area in the floating village, while Sam and Reaksa will go to Bos Krolanh village and start a new work there. Lon will head back to his home village of Takam and be the full time minister there. We look forward to seeing these graduates produce good fruits for the Lord in their labor. We ask that you keep them in your prayers as they embark on their journey ahead. The class of 2010-2012 is special in the sense that none of these men will receive support from overseas. We are implementing our plan of becoming self supportive as soon as possible and these will be the first ones. The local church here will help support these men along with their own hands finding other sources of income part time. Please remember them in your prayers as they will be faced with many temptations concerning their income and livelihood. Below are some pictures of the graduation and students.

The staff and Graduates L-R

Phanat, Aiy, Chealin, Kosal, Darat, Pheap, Savay, Sam, Chouey, Lon, Hokly, Reaksa, Chann

Wes and I

Reaksa, Sam, Phanat, Pheap, Lon, and Hokly